August 2014

Do you know some Young People going off to University for the first time?

Starting Uni? If you're planning to go to university next year, we really encourage you to get ahead of the game and link up with the Christian Union now. Christian Union's are a great way of continuing to live for Jesus while you're at uni. Head to UCCF's website to find out more:

Youth Mental Health First Aid course

Friday 12 & Friday 19 September 2014 (9am – 5pm),

Mowbray Square Medical Centre in Harrogate.

If you teach, work, live with or care for 11-18 year olds then this course is for you. It will teach you to identify, refer and support those young people aged 11-18 who show signs of mental ill health and make sure they get the appropriate help quickly.

Here is what some of the previous participants thought about the YMHFA course:

Regulating online time for young people

Here's an interesting blog piece I came across from a working mum, who wanted to try and positively limit her children's access to the Internet, etc. She drew up an agreement, whereby, her children "earned" their time online, by fulfilling other tasks first. It may not resonate completely with you, but its worth a read and you may get some ideas to adapt!

Harvest Message Planning Grid & Resources

There's nothing worse than starting with a blank sheet when planning All-Age Worship. Here is a grid to help you choose a message or theme, and review the variety of resources you might use.

Alternatively, work out how your half sack of potatoes and large picture of a rain cloud might illustrate one of the themes.

As always we’ve included blank columns for your very own, and perhaps much better, ideas.

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