October 2014

Youth Work Is For Life


Is there an age limit to great youth work?

David Welch doesn’t think so. In fact, the exact opposite is true: the world needs more youth ministry lifers, who have progressed through the stages of youth ministry development, with learning and wisdom to offer.

Breaking News: Jesus wasn't born in a stable


Good biblical scholarship has revealed that for centuries, we've got it all wrong about the nativity. Far from being outcast into a draughty stable, Jesus was in fact born in a family home, amongst friends, albeit distant ones, of Joseph. 

We'd better start rewriting the nativity play and the carols while there's still time...

For the full story, click here

Spiritual Abuse: an infringement of child protection?

A very interesting conversation thread arose on our children's and youth work advisers forum this week. It followed a farmer complaining about a youth event held on his land, where he felt that the speaker at the event was using bullying tactics to try and force the young people to make a profession of faith.


A taster evening introducing Godly Play; how it can be used with people of all ages exploring the Bible together

Monday 24th November 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Diocesan Office (Wakefield) Church House, 1 South Parade, Wakefield WF1 1LP

Refreshments will be provided

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