Christians Living Amongst Muslims

The peninsula is the heartland of Islam, which affects both Christians who live there and Muslims throughout the world. Islam in this area is quite different from Islam as encountered in the West, and even as it is encountered in the Levant (see map). However, an insight into Islam and the Muslim communities in the Arabian peninsula will provide an excellent resource for a wider and deeper understanding of Islam than is normally possible for non-Muslims. Our day with Bill Schwartz will provide the opportunity for participants to understand Islam in a new way, and to develop closer relationships with their Muslim neighbours.

in partnership with Christians Aware

Leader: Archdeacon Bill Schwartz OBE, author of ‘Islam: A Religion, A Culture, A Society’, 2nd edn. 2015, Christians Aware

£20.00 including lunch and refreshments.

To book contact Beth Harper at the Mirfield Centre on 01924 481920

Date and Time
Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 10:00
Mirfield Centre WF14 0BW
Episcopal Area