Bradford Episcopal Area

Leeds Area background

Key Towns/Cities

Civic boundaries and population
800,000, covering the Leeds Metropolitan District.

Famous for...
Leeds Art Gallery, Henry Moore Institute, Roundhay Park and arguably the best shopping outside of London

Benefices, parishes and clergy
62 benefices, 56 parishes, 75 clergy and 4 pioneer ministers.

Recent developments
Leeds Churches Together in Mission forms a dynamic catalyst for collaborative working, especially in engaging with over 50 new emerging churches, largely with the BME communities.

Why are we looking forward to our new Episcopal Area?
"There will be a new focus on the urban area of Leeds, with both a Bishop and Archdeacon based here. The Episcopal Area and Archdeaconry will be coterminous with the Leeds Metropolitan District, which will give our sense of mission across the entire city a sharper focus.

"We are also greatly looking forward to working with all the parishes who will form the new Leeds Archdeaconry, as we work together on building the life and witness of the church and city."

Ven Paul Hooper, former Archdeacon of Leeds