Applying for a faculty

The Diocese of Leeds is now using the Online Faculty System which means all faculties must be completed online.  Please click here to register for the Online Faculty System; instructions on how to register can be found here.  Click here to download the training manual for the Online Faculty System and please do contact the DAC if you need any help in completing your Online Faculty application.

Applying for a faculty can be a daunting task, particularly if you have never submitted one before.  The DAC are always on hand to offer support and advice and please do email or ring us if you have questions.  A comprehensive list of guidance documents are available at the bottom of this page, or from the menu in the top right hand corner.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get training for the Online Faculty System?

Training for the Online Faculty System is part of the Archdeacon's Training Evenings. Please click here for more information.

My access to the internet is severely limited. How can I apply for a faculty?

The DAC understands that some parishes, especially in rural areas, have little or no access to the internet. In this case, please contact the DAC Secretary. 

More Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the help section of the Online Faculty System website. Please click here to access that page.