Every school and academy is valued for its children and families, community, staff and governors.  Each has something of worth to offer beyond its own boundaries.  Each, at some point in time, will need and benefit from support and encouragement from beyond its own environment.

Schools and academies work together in many ways both formally and informally. 

The Education Team seeks to identify strong partnerships of mutual benefit to those involved.  It provides a variety of opportunities to bring colleagues together to share practice, explore different possibilities and discuss current challenges and developments in education.

PartnershipsFormal partnerships

Brokering school to school support through Teaching School Alliances and local authorities.

Creating leadership capacity through federation and collaboration.

Identifying the right multi-academy trust to support schools in crisis through the Academy Strategy.


Partnership strength

Professional development and networks programme details the opportunities for colleagues to meet and develop strong partnerships through mutual interest and need.

These include

  • Heads and Chairs briefings
  • Area training
  • Sharing Strengths seminars
  • School Effectiveness training
  • Partnership Groups
  • Succession Planning Group
  • Headteachers annual conference

Details of dates for Partnership Groups and other partnership opportunities can be found on the Professional Development and Networks page

Partnership Groups

New for 2016-17 are four Partnership Groups whose remit is to work closely with the Education Team contributing to and informing the programme of services for schools and academies.

  • Head teachers Partnership Group; 3 serving head teachers from each episcopal area
  • Deputy head teachers Partnership group; 3 serving deputy head teachers from each episcopal area
  • CEOs Group; All serving MAT CEOs
  • TSA Group; Lead NLE, strategic leads for CPD and school-to-school support from all church school Teaching School Alliances

If you feel you could contribute to your episcopal area and the Education Team by joining one of the Partnership Groups please contact the Education Team.

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