Bingley - Nativity Live!

Bingley Nativity LiveBingley Nativity Live, is a real life presentation of the story of the nativity.  There is a real donkey for Joseph to lead to Bethlehem and the shepherds have real sheep. We also have a real baby in the manger.

It takes place on Saturday 16th December, beginning at 2pm at the bandstand in Myrtle Park, then travels out of the park and down to the main road and the market square. After calling at two inns, where there is no room, Joseph and Mary finally get a stable from the third innkeeper.

It is a real family event, where people can share in the emotions of the story. The shock Mary has, when the Angel Gabriel tells her she is to bear God’s Son;  the distress of Mary’s parents when they find she is pregnant; the amazement of the shepherds when the angels appear to them; the fury of Herod when he discovers there is another king in HIS country and the joy of the Magi when they finally meet the infant king, after travelling for so long. There are also plenty of carols for people to join in with, as the story unfolds. Then just when you think the family are safe, they must travel again, in order to save their precious child from the wrath of Herod and so we travel again with them


Date and Time: 
Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 14:00
All Saints, Bingley
Episcopal Area: 
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