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Fairtrade A Sustainable Choice Leaflet



Fairtrade posters, leaflets, postcards, guides and a DVD are all available for free from the Fairtrade Foundation Shop.

The Bradford and Leeds Global Justice Group campaigns on Climate Justice, Food Speculation and other global issues.
Contact: Heather Grinter to receive short newsletters.


Fairtrade Workshops & Events

Leeds DEC events collage photo 2017


There are several local organisations willing to run Fairtrade Workshops and offer other Fairtrade Resources.

Leeds DEC covers the West Yorkshire area. Hannah from Leeds DEC said she was delighted to see so many Church of England schools at the child-led 2017 Fairtrade Celebration at Leeds Civi Hall. 

View: Contact: Download their information leaflet below. 

Craven Developmental Education Centre logo

South Yorkshire developmental Education Centre logoFor Fairtrade resources and support outside the Leeds area, visit the Craven or the South Yorkshire DEC websites Craven DEC South Yorkshire DEC

Fairtrade Preaching

David Greenwood-Haigh, award-winning chocolatier, masterchef, author, businessman, corporate team builder, presenter, trainer, preacher and chaplain is Yorkshire's best known chocolate expert. David has a real heart for ethically sourced, best quality chocolate. You'll find him on the heart of chocolate website: coeur de xocolat. David is a very busy man but is willing to preach about Fairtrade, if he is available. Contact:

Products you may not have discovered

Ubuntu colaUbuntu Cola 
Ubuntu means “I am because we are”. 
The ingredients in this cola drink have been certified in accordance with Fairtrade Standards and Ubuntu donates 15% of profits to development projects in Malawi with their Ubuntu Africa programme.
Visit the Ubuntu website for your nearest stockist or buying online.

Poterion wine

Fairtrade communion wine
Poterion advertises itself as the first Fairtrade communion wine. 
Visit the Poterion website to order online.




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