New phase of action for Leeds Citizens

Leeds Citizens have launched  a new phase of action to tackle some of the city's big injustices.

Part of Citizens UK, Leeds Citizens organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good. 

Over 75 people (from faith, education and community organisations) came to a Delegates Assembly to share stories and to commit to action on Mental Health, Living Wage and Opportunities for Young People.

Those involved from the Diocese of Leeds include: - St George’s, Christ Church, Upper Armley, Church of the Epiphany, Gipton, Middleton parish & Leeds Church Institute. Schools include: - Abbey Grange Academy, David Young Community Academy, All Saint's Primary School, Manston St James Primary Academy & Rothwell Primary Academy.

One care worker described the difference receiving the Living Wage has made to him: “Working on £7.20 meant I needed to work more shifts so that I’d have enough to support my family but it meant  I missed out on time with my baby son and my wife. Now I receive £8.45 per hour, it makes me feel like a more valued employee and allows me to spend more time with the people I love.”

St Matthew’s, Chapel Allerton were part of a group (supported by Leeds Citizens) who went to thank Lidl for paying the Living Wage. Story here.

Leeds Citizens Community Organiser, Tom Chigbo (right), says, "These issues will be taken forward for citywide campaigning over the next 18 months. Other issues that people were interested in addressing were refugees, trust between communities and air pollution.

“The next meeting will be on 30 March. It will be an action-focussed event to create new action teams for each of our campaign priorities and to put forward an additional citywide issue for action

"We're asking groups to bring five people from their community to help us, particularly if they have an interest in young people, Living Wage or mental health. It will also be a great meeting for getting new people involved".

Leeds Citizens Together meeting takes place on Thursday 30 March, 7pm at Ahlulbayt Cultural Centre, 35 Hanover Square, LS3 1BQ (behind Park Lane College).

For more information contact Tom Chigbo.



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