Under 30

The Church of England is actively seeking more younger people to serve as ministers within the church.  
Leeds Diocese is also encouraging the vocations of younger people.
Watch the video and read stories of younger people in our area who have become church leaders.



We are offering places for people aged 18-30 to have a 9 month placement in a parish on our Encounter scheme.  It's a great opportunity to find out more about what ministry is really like in a busy parish in our diocese.  The scheme is part of the Church of England national Church of England Ministerial Experience scheme.  For more details contact Diane Komorowski at at vocations@leeds.anglican.org or call 0113 353 0260 to find out more.

Call Waiting is the Church of England's website encouraging young people to consider whether their calling from God is to become church leaders of the future. 

Jimmy LawrenceRead about Jimmy who hesitated about ordination 
for fear of missing out and thought vicaring was sleepy afternoon teas
and hand knitted jumpers.





Lucy Savage

Read about Lucy who had an inkling
she might be ordained one day from the age of nine.


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