This website has been created with a wide range of users in mind. With this in mind, we have where possible made this site easy to navigate using screen readers and keyboards. 

However, if there is any information on this site which once you have tried increasing font size in your browser you still cannot read, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss ways in which we could make this information more accessible. You can contact us web [at] (here).


How do I make web pages bigger larger?

Most web browsers allow you to zoom in to a web pages quickly by: 

1] on a PC holding the Ctrl and + key to zoom in, or the Ctrl and - key to zoom out.

2] on a Mac holding the Cmd and + key to zoom in, or the Cmd and - key to zoom out.  

However, all browsers vary slightly, and we would recommend checking the help tab on your browser for more details.


How can I use other browser features to make the site more accessible?

Some browsers have features specifically designed to improve accessibility. For example, on Safari, if you visit "View / Zoom Text Only" the size of the pages in the screen stays the same and only the text increases in size. 


How can I navigate without a mouse?

Individual browsers work in different ways, but you can navigate around the primary menu tabs, the footer menus and every link on the page using the alt and the tab key in Google Chrome and Safari. 

If you navigate from the home page to the A-Z page, in the short menu at the top of the page, this will allow you to access a list of all the primary content on the site.

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