Items available from other churches

Liturgical furniture and other items
available from churches in the Diocese of Leeds
for use in other churches – November 2018

General notes

Unless stated, items are available free of charge for church use.  Expressions of interest for secular use or from dealers will be considered but may be subject to negotiating a purchase price. The new owner in all cases would be expected to cover the costs of removal and transport.

For more details or to express interest in any of the items please contact:
Stephen Craven, Assistant DAC Secretary,
Diocese of Leeds, 0113 3530 274 or e-mail stephen.craven [at]

From a closed church ("Church S"),

A set of ecclesiastical metalwork (cast aluminium) from the mid-1970s by the renowned artist Frank Roper (1914-2000).  

The set consists of 

Mushroom shaped canopy A mushroom shaped altar canopy (probably in fibreglass) approximately 6.4m diameter x 3.6m high.  

 Around the base of the canopy, cast aluminium figures of the Apostles, 84cm high (with internal lighting) and the wording “I am the bread of life”.

 It would be preferable for these to be re-homed with the canopy rather than in isolation.Apostles sculpture









North window metalwork  South window metalworkTwo metal sculptures approx. 3.2m high x 1.1m wide, designed to be backlit by natural light in window openings; one depicting a shoal of fish and the other the Virgin and Child.



Also, in matching style:

•    Circular font cover approx. 1m diameter
•    Aumbry door, approx. 30 x 25 cm
•    Approximately 100 roundels, each approx. 35cm diameter (See above photos for examples)


High resolution photos are available on request from stephen.craven@leeds, (tel 0113 3530 274) who can also be contacted with any expressions of interest for all or part of this set.    














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