Have the Sunday worship in the school buildings or grounds e.g. on Education Sunday (fixed at second Sunday in September to serve the new academic year, but can be locally observed at any time).
Church invite the headteacher to give the ‘talk’ once a year to tell what is happening in the school and the broader national agenda in education. This might include how the Christian Values adopted by the school affect decisions, policies and life in the school
Join the church for their patronal festival (ask the parish clergy when it is)
Hold regular ‘open worship’ occasions in the school to which parishioners are invited. Maybe serve refreshments afterwards to emphasis the welcome of hospitality
Establish a joint church / school choir or music group which will come together for specific occasions or an annual performance.
Establish a core of songs / hymns / liturgy that is recognised in both the school and the church.
Organise joint reviews of worship / training where worship leaders in both school and church can come together to learn and share ideas.
Investigate ways of adapting diocesan Lent and Advent courses for use in school worship.

(see also Diocesan Collective Worship Guidelines)

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