School Effectiveness

What do we mean by school effectiveness?                    

  • How well a school is able to accomplish the wide range of things expected of it within the distinctive Christian character of Church schools.

  • How well every child is enabled to flourish in their potential as a child of God, as a sign and expression of the Kingdom and particularly in relation to their academic achievement, personal development and well-being regardless of ability or background.

  • How well the living faith and vision of school leaders roots the school in a Christian narrative enabling a working environment where spirituality is central to the well-being of individuals and the community and sets the example for policy and practice across the school.

School Effectiveness in the Education Team

  • Bring experience and skill of school leadership to individual schools and groups of schools.

  • Understand how effective schools are being across the diocese, within multi-academy trusts, as groups or clusters of schools and as individual schools.

  • Work closely with local authorities, teaching school alliances and multi academy trusts to help provide school support.

  • Work with the National Society (for education in Church of England schools), Regional School Commissioners and the Department for Education to help church schools be as effective as they can be.


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