Caring for God's World

Session leader: Rich Bee

Rich Bee is Engagement Director at A Rocha UK.  From a background in technology and education, Rich was a late-comer to the environmental movement, but is trying to make up for lost time! Living in the suburbs makes plastic hard to avoid and the car gets driven more often than it should, but he is convinced that if we the church can act together then real change is possible. Rich lives in south west London with his wife and young son and leads A Rocha UK’s engagement team, working with Christians and churches to take better care of the world God has given us.  He tweets occasionally at @therichbee.


Session outline: Caring for God's World

What distinctive perspectives can Christians bring to caring for the environment? And how might each of us make a genuine difference? This session combines theological reflections with practical implications for our lifestyles and churches.  

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