Young People as Disciples

Session Leader: David Welch

David is the Youth Adviser in Guildford Diocese, and the Chair of the National Youth Adviser Network. He has been a youth worker for more than 20 years, and is currently leads the youthgroup in his church as a volunteer, alongside his diocesan role. He is writing a chapter of a book entitled ‘Engaging Men for God’ thinking about discipleship in the home for young people. He enjoys rugby refereeing in his spare time. Find him on twitter @welchdav.



Session outline: Young People as Disciples

What does it mean for young people to be Christian disciples who are growing in faith? How can they be supported well at church, school and college, in a society where Christian faith is often misunderstood or ignored? And how can they contribute fully to their communities as Christians? This session is for both young people and any who are keen to engage with these questions.

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