Discovering three lost churches of Bradford

Three lost churches of Bradford have been brought to light in a new book, jointly written by local historians, Stephen Savage and Wallace Cooper.

‘Earthly Glory – Three Lost Churches of Bradford’ explores a  fascinating story of the churches, all built in the mid-19th century and all serving the people of the area through charity and service as well as worship.

St Jude’s (1843-1967) was the “pioneer” Anglo-Catholic church in the City of Bradford. Malnutrition was rife among the poor children in the mid 19th century. Teachers at St Jude's parochial school and throughout Bradford were protesting that they could not train children’s minds when they were distracted by the pangs of hunger. The ‘Cinderella Club’ provided money for a daily breakfast of bread, corned beef, jam and cocoa for the thirty worst cases of semi-starvation. The teachers at St Jude's, paid a pittance for their teaching, volunteered to arrive an hour early to serve and supervise the meal at 8.30am every school day. Sadly, today, with breakfast clubs the same problems persist.

The daughter church of St Mary Magdalene’s, (1878-2004) followed soon after, the first “purpose-built” and soon well-known Anglo-Catholic Church in Bradford. Its first vicar was the greatly respected Fr G.E Redhead. The building still stands but is no longer a church.

Holy Trinity (1864-1965) is the least well-known of the three but it too was the centre of heroic inner-city ministry – by priests and laity. The now almost forgotten, unique, ministry of Mr Joseph Kershaw, evangelist and pastor, is described in some detail. Later there were valuable links between Holy Trinity and Walsingham. Holy Trinity was on Leeds Road and today a Salvation Army Hostel occupies the site. Of the church itself, nothing remains.

Tracing the history of these three influential Bradford churches are Wallace Cooper, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Church in Bradford and of its priests, going back many years. His vast knowledge, and the considerable experience of Stephen Savage as a researcher and compiler of parish histories, are combined.

If you’re interested, you can buy  Three Lost Churches of Bradford, price £5 or £7.00, to include postage.  Send Order Form and payment to:  Mr Wallace Cooper, (to whom cheques should be made) at:  8 Hornbeam Court, Guiseley, Leeds, LS20 9BW.

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