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The Stewardship adviser is here to support parishes in the many and varied aspects of Stewardship including advice on aspects of giving, assistance with basic legal and governance issues; training in related areas such as gift aid, and stewardship programmes from resource development to speaking at services and PCC meetings.

For all enquiries relating to advice and assistance on all aspects of stewardship please contact the team on  resourcingparishes [at]

or  paul.winstanley [at] (Paul Winstanley    )on 0113 353 0216 who is located in the Leeds Office and willing to come out to parishes to discuss any issues, plans and possibilities.

A Stewardship thought from Hugo Cobham from Lincolnshire Diocese;


If I give nothing

I vote to close my church

If I give only to local support

I vote to stop missionary activity in the world

If I give proportionately

I give something even if out of necessity it is only small

If I give systematically

I allow my church to plan ahead 

If I give sacrificially

I place a high value on Christian Ministry in the World


Do you take Cards? 

Actually we do!

How many times have you noted recently that wedding guests and visitors to your church no longer have much cash on them?  The way we make payments in our day to day lives is changing rapidly, especially for younger people, so wouldn’t it be great if we could offer the option for people to give to support our churches in a way that makes sense to them?  No more embarrassing scrabbling in pockets at the crucial moment!

From today, the option of installing an easy, convenient contactless payment system is now affordable and accessible to all our parishes.

The national church, through Parish Buying, has collaborated with two providers to offer the cashless payment devices at a discounted cost which means that any parish, no matter how great or small can offer the option of giving from a card or digital device for less than £20. 

The technology can be used in a number of different ways, and we are excited to see what our parishes come up with in terms of creative uses for the service: So far parishes we know have used the devices for;

  • Collecting one off donations from visitors as part of a retiring collection,
  • Taking payments for wedding fees, and paying for hall hire,
  • Taking payments for cakes at a village fair!

If you would like further advice or information about getting the facility in your church, details can be found on Parish Resources here:

For news about how one parish is planning on using the system see here.

Coming soon: quick and easy electronic donations for Cathedrals, larger churches and busy tourist churches.

As well as offering the small hand held devices which work in any setting, the national church is trialling two larger options for occasions when you expect to receive a high volume of visitors. 

For Cathedrals a free standing unit, similar to those you might see in a museum or other visitor attraction is being tested in 8 cathedrals and Romsey Abbey.

And for churches who aren’t as large as a Cathedral but who nevertheless attract large numbers of visitors or have a number of large events we will soon be offering a table top unit which can take a fixed gift with a simple wave of the phone or card. 

The diocese will be investing in one of the table top units for use at visitations and key services throughout the year – look out for it at an event near you soon!

Charitable Giving Policy

If you are looking for some help when planning who you give to as a Parish, have a look at this example of a charitable giving policy which is based on a draft produced by Nick Morgan, Assistant Curate in Masham and Healey Benefice.
This documant provides a really helpful starting point for a PCC to discuss how they want to support charities.  It helps to provide a structure for giving money to support others which in turn will help with budgetting.

Click here to see the example Charitable Giving Policy.


Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme Update - claiming under the scheme made simpler!

Following changes to the Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) arising from the Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Act 2017, guidance to parishes has been updated:

 Key changes to the scheme are that for donations received from April 6th 2017:

- the Community Buildings element of the scheme will operate in a similar way to the core 'top-up' element.  This means that parishes need no longer worry about 10 people being present in a service, wall-safe donations will count for all churches, as will donations received outside of the building.

- Contactless donations can now be included.  This will currently be irrelevant for most churches, although it is becoming a viable option, and we've just released a case study on the digital giving page on the parish resources website.

-  qualification requirements have been simplified so that providing charities have not incurred a penalty relating to a Gift Aid or GASDS claim in the current or previous tax year they will be able to use the scheme, subject to the qualifying amount of Gift Aid being claimed. 

- parishes can claim on one part of the scheme or the other, but not both.   

Full guidance and detailed advice on how to maximise claims under the scheme can be found at the small donations section of the parish resources website.

Gifts of Faith, Hope and Love - legacy resource

Gifts of Faith, Hope and Love is a guide from the Church of England,  published in 2017,  providing both spiritual and practical information on how to include a gift in your will. It is a guide to writing your will, to reflect your Christian Faith.

Click here for a pdf version of the booklet.

Gifts of Faith, Hope and Love ImageThe Stewardship Funding and Development Team will have a few copies but you can order your own, free, via the church legacy website at  

The Church of England has launched a new short film entitled ‘A Lasting Difference’ explaining how gifts in wills can help to transform the lives of our local churches and communities. Click here to see the film.     


Giving for Life: Continuing The Journey

Giving for Life helps parishes review their approach to issues of stewardship and generosity, within a context of discipleship.        

At Diocesan Synod in November 2016 Giving for Life was relaunched. Resources were sent to all parishes asking them to allocate 20-30 minutes of a PCC meeting to evaluate their stewardship strategy and assess where they might improve their adoption of Good Practice.

There are two principal resources to help: a  4 page Leaders Guide introducing the item and a 2-sided sheet for PCC Members.  Follow the link Giving for Life - Continuing the Journey to the Church of England Parish Resources site for more information.

Parish Share

The new parish share system with a package of resources and support available for all our churches has recently been launched. Click on the image to see the film and here for more information.

New Share thought to consider from one of our Stewardship Advisers

"Amidst all the discussion about change in the new parish share system I am reminded of that verse in Hebrews that says Jesus ‘is the same yesterday, and today and forever’. It is saying His love for us never changes as He is our rock and our salvation.  Our Christian life is really about a personal relationship with Him whatever size of church we belong to and parish share we are requested to contribute.  

"There are some things that will not change, Sunday services will still take place, people will want their babies baptised, couples will want to be married and those suffering a loss of a loved one, will want to have a funeral to grieve and say goodbye. There will also be services of celebration at major festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest.  For all this to continue the church will need funding and the bills paid. This is what the contributions of parish share go towards to keep the Diocese functioning providing a Christian presence in every part.

"As part of the Stewardship Funding and Development team we are here to assist and resource churches to enable them to fulfil their Mission to the parish and wider community.  So if you are one of the churches facing a 15% increase in parish share and need help to rise to the challenge, please do get in touch."   Paul Winstanley

Parish Buying Scheme

Wakefield Church in Parish buying success.  Click here to see film.


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