Safeguarding: National Policy and Practice Guidance

National Policies

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Parish Safeguarding Handbook

The national policy was updated in 2017, 

Protecting All God's Children CofE - November 2010 - this remains national policy, however, please note:

Chapter 4 has been replaced by 'Key roles and responsibilities of church office holders and bodies'.

Chapters 7 and 8 have been replaced by 'Responding to, assessing and managing safeguarding allegations and concerns against church officers' (October 2017). 

Promoting a Safer Church was updated in 2017 - NB Any references to concerns and allegations in this document have been replaced by Chapters 7 and 8, as above.

Responding well to those who have been sexually abused CofE - July 2011 
Responding Well to Domestic Abuse CofE - 2017

Practice Guidance

Learning & Development Practice Guidance (2017) 
Responding to Serious Safeguarding Situations (2015) 
Risk Assessment for Individuals who may Pose Risk to Children or Adults (2015) 
Safer Recruitment Practice Guidance (July 2016) Full document and editable appendices below.
Safeguarding in Religious Communities (2015) 

Joint Practice Guidance with The Methodist Church

Safeguarding Records: Joint Practice Guidance for the Church of England and the Methodist Church (2015) 
Safeguarding Guidance for Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships (2015) 


Working Together to safeguard children DfE- March 2013 
Theatre Performance Guidance DfE - April 2013

Safeguarding: Links to General Guidance

Younger Children and Social Networking Sites NSPCC - 2013
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service
Social Media Guidelines WYaD - 2014
Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Barnados - 2012
Protecting Young Bell RIngers and Permission to Ring Form  CCCBR Central  Council of Church Bell Ringers
Safer Working Practice for adults who work with children - November 2007 
Safeguarding Children from abuse linked to a belief in spirit possession  ECM - 2013

Safeguarding: Links to Local Organisations

Contact Details for Local Authorities

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