Advice over concerns about the Operation Christmas Child appeal

Several people have been raising concerns about some of the actions of Samaritan’s Purse, who run Operation Christmas Child (the very popular shoebox activity).

Anne Richards, who is the Mission and Theological Adviser at Church House, Westminster, has written the following which you might find helpful if anyone concerns.

New Barnabas for Children catalogue published

The lovely people at Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) have published a new catalogue of resources for work with children, families and churches, under their subsidery name of Barnabas for Children.

Their resourtces include all the Messy Church materials, as well as publications for all aspects of work with children, including schools resources.

The Real Easter Egg

Out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter...more information                                                                                                                             


Holy Week in a Box


We like this! A fun, crafty, compact activity that promotes good 1-2-1 discussion with children about the events and meanings of Holy Week.

You'd need to start sourcing your materials soon, as Easter isn't that far away. As well as normal craft shops, try The Works for really cheap materials, or even see if you've a local scrap store to get some bits from.

Goodbye Christmas...Yikes! It's Lent!

So, just as you sink into a comfy armchair with a large latte to relax now that another hectic Christmas of activities with your young people is finally over, you suddenly sit bolt upright, swallow a mouthful of coffee the wrong way and splutter out a mix of coffee and words, "OMG! It's Lent and Easter! what are we going to do with them?"

Breaking News: Jesus wasn't born in a stable


Good biblical scholarship has revealed that for centuries, we've got it all wrong about the nativity. Far from being outcast into a draughty stable, Jesus was in fact born in a family home, amongst friends, albeit distant ones, of Joseph. 

We'd better start rewriting the nativity play and the carols while there's still time...

For the full story, click here

Harvest Message Planning Grid & Resources

There's nothing worse than starting with a blank sheet when planning All-Age Worship. Here is a grid to help you choose a message or theme, and review the variety of resources you might use.

Alternatively, work out how your half sack of potatoes and large picture of a rain cloud might illustrate one of the themes.

As always we’ve included blank columns for your very own, and perhaps much better, ideas.

Advent Jesse Tree

I KNOW – summer not yet over and already I’m looking towards Advent – but I came across this Advent/Jesse Tree song written by Revd. Ally Barrett and thought it was worth alerting you to it. You can find it (and several other new words to old tunes) here: http://reverendally.wordpress.com/reverendallys-hymns/

This next song was intended to make a link between the ‘Jesse Tree’ / Salvation History pathway through advent, and the Advent Sunday theme of keeping alert and being ready.
Tune: Sing hosanna

There’s a story to tell of creation,
And the patriarchs’ faith of old,
There are stories of prophets and sages,
We’ll repeat them ‘til the world’s been told:

Sing together! sing together!
Sing to welcome in the King of Kings.
Sing together! Sing together!
Sing to welcome in the King.

There are stories of sin and forgiveness,
Of a Kingdom of truth and love.
Of a girl who gave birth to a baby,
To fulfil God’s promise from above:

As God’s people prepare for his coming,
And remember those days long gone,
Our own stories are yet to be written,
As we live to make God’s kingdom come:

We must each of us wait for the morning,
Through the night we will watch and pray,
As we look for the light that is dawning,
We’ll be ready at the break of day:

Mary Hawes - National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser

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