Our link with the Dioceses of Mara, Rorya and Tarime is first of all about friendship – getting to know each other through letters and visits. This allows us to pray for each other by name. Then we offer support in whatever ways are possible. Our partnership is both dynamic and reciprocal. Sometimes West Yorkshire & the Dales offers ideas and at other times our link dioceses do. We receive as much as we give.


Water for Life

Tairo pump in Mara DioceseLaunched in 2008, Water for Life has raised £87,000 so far (Spring 2015) to provide clean water and health education to thousands of people in our link dioceses. Two water technicians have been trained to install pumps in hand dug wells and six people trained to run health education workshops.We have worked together with 40 villages to establish community ownership and hold health education workshops. Together we have installed 24 pumps and 10 water harvesting systems.

Lessons have been learned along the way. In 2013, a review of the first 5 years recorded achievements, lessons learned and changes for the future. Phase 2 in 2013-15 planned more work and again a review is in progress.
Water harvesting in Bugumbe in Tarime DioceseCurrently Water for Life continues with a pump for New Mara Primary School, supported by schools across West Yorkshire & the Dales; a pump for Buganjo in Rorya Diocese and further water harvesting in Tarime Diocese.
Read more about Water for Life projects here and here

Want to help? 
Download an Alternative Gift Leaflet and Thank you Voucher with a breakdown of the costs - everything from a rock punch to a bag of cement. Make a donation or have someone come and speak to your group.
Contact: Tineke Bentley on 01924 441347. 



See Tanzania Link Prayers on our Diocesan Prayer Diary webpage.  
Many of the 80 churches in Yorkshire linked to a church in Tanzania pray for their link church each Sunday.



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