Christians believe God has made and will save the whole world through Jesus Christ.
The whole of creation is worshiping and glorifying God all around us, all the time.
We know that as people we are all wholly dependent on the earth for our basic needs as well as enjoying many other good things.
Caring for creation is an essential part of Christian ministry and mission.
Find out more about how we can all be part of Christ’s restoration work for creation.

Lent Plastic Challenge

While plastics have bPlastic cutleryrought huge benefits to many aspects of our lives, 8 tonnes of plastic is dumped in the sea every minute. Globally, plastics have reached every part of the world’s oceans with the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ thought to be 6 times the size of the UK. 

Through reducing our own use of plastic we can take action, following the fifth mark of mission 'to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain the life of the earth'.

Join us in using this day by day Lent Plastics Challenge. Find out more on the Church Care website or join the Plastic-Less Lent 2018 Facebook page.



What is the Green Journey? Click here to find out how you could be saving money and cutting your carbon footprint.


Our Hope for God's Creation

Watch this video to discover what some churches in Yorkshire and the North East are doing to help care for creation.



Have you got a Parish Environment Policy?

The Diocesan Synod adopted the Diocesan Environment Policy in June 2017. It is the first step in our endeavour in becoming an Eco Diocese. We would encourage every church to make use of the Eco Church programme, registration is simple and there are lots of helpful resources on the Eco Church website. To get you underway, why not adapt your own Parish Environment Policy? You can adapt this model to suit your church.

God's Green Fingers

The Environment e-news of the Diocese of Leeds
with an article for your parish magazine to download, resources, news and events. 

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Issue 7 March 2016
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