Scratch Nativity

Sunday 17th December - St Peter Rawdon 10.00 am

Come dressed as a character from the Christmas story and be part of our “made up on the spot nativity play”

Sign Language interpreter, Anna Smith, will sign and voiceover to allow both hearing and deaf to take a full part in this integrated event

A Winter Serenade

A Winter Serenade


An evening of music with something for all ages
 A welcome return of Vikki Sharp and Graham Russell, members of Opera North

Friday 8th December 2017 AT 7:30 P.M.
At Holy Trinity Church, Meanwood, Leeds 6

Tickets £10.00 including wine and light refreshments

For tickets telephone 07866247332 or pay on the door.

Welcoming families with additional needs at Christ Church Armley

Representatives from churches across the diocese have been meeting together to examine  ways to help churches become more welcoming to families with additional needs.  A ground-breaking gathering of disability representatives at Church House, the Leeds office of the Diocese of Leeds heard some of the difficulties facing families who have children with disabilities and additional needs and how sometimes churches are ill-equipped to offer support. As part of the morning a film was shown at the meeting, made at Christ Church, Armley  where the congregation has developed facilities to help those with additional needs. Several members of the congregation talked about the need to welcome young people with additional needs as full members of the church.  Watch a two minute extract from the film here..

Promoting peace in Leeds

This week, which has been designated as Interfaith Week, two Anglican churches in Leeds joined forces with a synaogue to put on an event together designed to promote peace. Parish churches St Martin’...
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