Within our diocese

Our new diocese is all about growing the local church. This means growing the church in numbers, spirituality, and out into our local community. 

Your contacts for Church Growth in the Diocese of Leeds are Robin Gamble and Jenice Guild – see the ‘meet the team’ page to find out more about them, or get in touch by following the ‘contact us’ link. We always welcome comments and suggestions!

We have several working groups in the diocese for evangelism, estate parishes, and local groups for growing your church. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please get in touch.

We also often organise events and workshops. Current events in the diary are:


LyCiG Local - Huddersfield

How do we work with local schools, uniformed groups and parent and toddler groups to see more of our young people coming to faith and our work amongst young families growing?

To book a place for the Huddersfield gathering on Wednesday 21st November 2018, please contact brenda.malcolm [at] leeds.anglican.org.


You can also access events information, courses and learning communities on the

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