Prayer & Spirituality

Prayer and spirituality is at the core of what it means to be a Christian. On this page you will find resources which aim to help and support you on your spiritual journey and your walk with God. 


Prayer and Spirituality Team

Find out who the episcopal area coordinators are and how the team can support churches and individuals to pray and grow spiritually. Find out more.


Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director or Companion is someone who journeys with another person in their spiritual life. Learn how to find a Spiritual Director and about the training possibilities. Find out more.


Ways to Pray

Prayer is personal and it involves opening our hearts to God. Prayer is also a corporate activity, an act of worship in our churches. Find out different ways to pray. Find out more.



It can be helpful for your spiritual journey to go away from your familiar environment, on a retreat for a day or couple of days, as an individual or as a church group. Find out more.


Rhythm of Life

The Diocesan Rhythm of Life initiative offers a variety of resources and courses to help you keep Jesus at the centre of your daily life. You are invited to be part of this community. Find out more.


Lent and Easter

The different seasons in the church calendar offer opportunities to deepen our prayer and worship. Lent and Easter focus on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. Find out more.

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