Policy Bank

This section is designed to support our parishes through sharing examples of the policies deployed in the safe and effective running of our churches and support of our local communities.  

Some of these policies are essential, whilst others are good practice or optional. 

The policies and templates included here are not an exhaustive set of policies & templates and we would welcome any additional policies and templates which you have developed for your church to share with others here. Please send these to barnabas@leeds.anglican.org.

Safety and Buildings

Risk Assesment

Risk Assessment Policy & Template

Health & Safety
Buildings and Contents


Safeguarding Support

Find out more about safeguarding policies and processes on the Diocesan Safeguarding Team's pages here, or get in touch with the Safeguarding Team by emailing safeguarding@leeds.anglican.org.

Data and Information

Finance and Stewardship


Managing Volunteers

Working with Children & Young People
Employing People
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