Working with a Mentor or Coach

Sometimes it helps to just have someone to talk to, who can ask us the right questions about how we are doing in our leadership. For some of us, a spiritual director is the right person. They will ask us about the deep things of what is going on inside us as we lead. 

Sometimes though, working with someone who is focused on our work can also help. It may be someone who has just done a bit more of the work journey than we have. We would call those a mentor. They are someone who might advise as well as ask questions.

Some of us find ourselves in new situations where what we need is someone to ask us the right questions so that we can come up with our own answers. These people are coaches. 

If you think you would benefit from engaging a spiritual director, then please contact the Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Team here

If you would like a mentor or to work with a coach, have a chat with your Archdeacon or Bishop (at an MDR is a good, but not the only moment) and they will put you in touch with the team. 

And, you can always email us at

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