First responsibility

We offer an annual programme to support clergy beginning a first incumbency or a post of similar responsibility in the Leeds diocese. The cohort is usually a mixture of those who have been curates in the Leeds diocese and those who are new to the diocese. It is great both to continue working with those we know well and we look forward to getting to know those who have moved here from elsewhere. The course usually begins and ends with short residentials. Unlike the curates’ IME programme you are not required to attend this, but we hope that you will want to do so and that you will find it relevant and helpful. Apart from anything else it is good simply to meet with others who are at the same stage as you for mutual support and encouragement. The cost of the course and your travel to these sessions will be paid for by the diocese. 

In addition to this diocesan programme you will be asked to attend a LYCiG course (Leading Your Church into Growth) and a Presence and Engagement course (and if you are ministering in a rural context you may also be asked to attend some training on rural ministry). See ‘Courses for New Clergy’ on the CMD resources page. 

For more information about the current or next First Responsibility course, please contact Andrew Tawn:  

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