The Personal Growth and Leadership Programme

Personal Growth and Leadership development are very much linked. Over the past four years, a training team in Bradford have created a space for clergy and lay church teams to explore these areas together, out of the rush of parish ministry, to learn, share, and put into practice some key principles around growth and leadership, encouraging confidence among lay and clergy teams. Personal Growth and Leadership is not just for people who are already leading; it’s about people who have the potential to lead, but perhaps lack the confidence.

What Personal Growth and Leadership Looks Like

Personal Growth and Leadership is rooted in six three-hour sessions. They each take place on a Saturday morning. The course will be delivered in person at Fountains Church Bradford, with the option for church groups further away to join via a livestream.

Pre-session videos help to set the scene and get participants ready for discussion. The Saturday morning session then explores the principles of personal growth and leadership outlined in the videos through Bible application, discussion and group work. As a clergy and lay group you are also encouraged to meet between sessions to continue sharing and developing further what you are learning.

The work is built from John Maxwell’s work and one of our team, Neville Hilton is trained in this work. He works alongside Sharon Bavington and Archdeacon Andy Jolley.

What People Say About Personal Growth and Leadership

“It has made me reflect, analyse and re-evaluate how I spend my time and energy. It has inspired me to join the mission group and try and be more proactive in the congregation. This in turn has led me to read and try and understand the Bible more and relate it to my life. I feel more relaxed about my faith and sharing it with others who say they have no faith.”

“It's nice to speak to people in other churches, and it's good to get ideas of activities that have been successful.”

“I really feel the plans we have made on this course will support the church's vision and growth. Hopefully it has given the leadership team more people to support and be of use to them and to relieve the burden a little.”

“Renewed my sense of calling as a leader and increased confidence, and responding to God’s call to do this in our parish. Built stronger relationship with the group from our church. Given me a desire to encourage others to lead by example.”

You can find out more about the course by watching the video below.


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