Within our diocese

Our diocese is all about growing the local church. This means growing the church in numbers, spirituality, and out into our local community.

We have several working groups in the diocese for evangelism, estate parishes, and local groups for growing your church. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please get in touch.

E People

A group of youngish minded clergy and laity. We meet four times a year to learn about and encourage each other in this amazing ministry of evangelism.

Growth Groups

Many of those who have attended a LyCiG residential course then join a LyCiG Growth Group. Growth Groups (we have four) meet for a mornign every two months. We share, discuss and pray over our own situations. Guided input and ongoing encouragement as we all work to lead our churches into growth.

You can also access events information, courses and learning communities on the Digital Learning Platform


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