Ministerial Development Review

MDR in the Diocese of Leeds:


The Diocesan Ministerial Development Review Scheme (MDR) is designed for all licensed clergy (stipendiary and SSM) beyond initial ministerial training (IME). The aim is to encourage, support and challenge in the exercise of both personal discipleship and ministry under God.

An MDR Scheme is integral to the care and support of clergy in the diocese. It is a tool to encourage reflection on practice as well as future improvement and development.


The MDR scheme operates on a three year cycle as follows:


          A.   An MDR meeting with your Area Bishop
                 with a focus on mission and your own personal well-being and that of your family (where appropriate)
          B.   An MDR meeting with your Archdeacon
                 with a focus on leadership, organisation and administration, 
                 and on any changes which might need to be reflected in your role description;
                 with a focus on church growth and ministry in schools.
          C.   An meeting with your area dean
                 This is intended to be less formal than the other two years, with simpler paperwork.


Early in the calendar year you will be contacted by the PA for your area bishop or archdeacon,  arranging a date to meet, and sending you the appropriate paperwork for your review. In years A and B you will be expected to answer some preparatory questions and send the form back in advance of the review meeting. These preparatory questions include the goals/objectives you set at your MDR in the previous year - or for clergy new to the diocese this might mean any goals you set in your induction meetings with the archdeacon and bishop. You will be asked to summarise your progress towards achieving these. After the MDR meeting the Bishop or Archdeacon reviewing you will write a summary of your meeting which will include the goals you have agreed for the coming year. However when you have an MDR with an Area Dean You (the reviewee rather than the Area Dean) will be responsible for writing a short summary of the review to be sent to the bishop.


All the paperwork relating to the three years can be downloaded below: 


Archdeacon's MDR notes for Reviewee

Archdeacon's MDR Preparation

Archdeacon's MDR Summary

Area Dean's Example summary

Area Dean's MDR notes for ADs

Area Dean's MDR notes for Reviewee

Bishop's MDR notes for Reviewee

Bishop's MDR Preparation

Bishop's MDR Summary

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