Getting Involved in our Communities

Our churches are involved in the community in all sorts of ways. A recent report highlighted the value that our churches bring to the whole country - our volunteering averages out at 2500 hours per church! Much of that time is spent loving our local community.
As a diocese we want to support churches as you engage in all sorts of community activities. We partner with Wellsprings Together who are real experts in this field and have a number of resources that can help. They are available to support you on a one-to-one basis, to help plan and deliver community engagement that is impactful and sustainable.

Wellsprings Together also coordinates Places of Welcome, where doors are opened every week to offer free refreshments in an inclusive, non-judgemental environment. If your church would like to join the Places of Welcome network, please contact the Places of Welcome team at Wellsprings Together on

To learn more about other ways in which Wellspring Together can support you in your work with your local community, please go to:

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