Licensed Ministries

There are many nationally recognised licensed ministries in the Church of England including:

Ordained Ministryordinands

Ordained Ministry can be as a Priest or a Distinctive Deacon. It can be full-time or part-time; paid or self-supporting. It can include chaplaincy. The selection and training process for any of these is the same.  
Ministry in the Church of England
A Guide to Deacons and their Discernment

Licensed Lay Ministry (formerly called Readers)Readers

LLMs - formerly known as Readers - are lay people, called by God, trained and licensed by the Church to preach, teach, lead worship and assist in pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work. In a parish they work closely with the clergy on a voluntary basis. Their lay status allows them to be a Christian presence within their workplaces as well as providing leadership in the church. 
Transforming Ministry - the LLM website

Resourcing Sunday to Saturday Faith

Pioneer Minister

Pioneer Minister is a term used by the Church of England to refer to those called to start new churches and congregations. The role can be lay or ordained and the focus is on evangelism and mission, although all ministers have a significant calling to mission and evangelism. 
More about Pioneer Ministry

Church Army Evangelist

Church Army Evangelists are lay minister called to serve the church through words and actions. They share the Good News with others and enable people to share their faith more effectively. 
Church Army website.

Anglican Religious Life

A calling to the Religious Life has many expressions.

  • As a monk or a nun in a religious community.
  • As s a 'tertiary' - someone who has not made vows of celibacy but agrees to follow the rule of an Order in their life.
  • As a single consecrated person.

Find out more about the Religious Life

To consider any of these callings in more detail, speak to your priest/vicar, explore this website and/or contact the Vocations Team who will be happy to arrange for you to discuss your calling with someone.

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