Jesus-Shaped People

Jesus Shaped People is a discipleship programme for churches who see Jesus’ ministry as a model for their own church development.  It suggests that those who want to be disciples of Jesus need to identify the key priorities of his ministry and seek to positively adopt these as they develop a strategy for their own church.  JSP therefore assists churches to:

  • Identify what was vital to Jesus in his three year ministry, and encourage ownership of a vision for this, both at leadership and a congregational level in a local church.  

  • Embark on a JSP programme that will enable the above to be more deeply embedded into the life of a local church.   A wide and effective range of resources are available to enable this – for children and adults.

  • Steadily develop a vision for the local church that is based upon the above priorities, and ensure that the mission of the church is wholly based upon this vision. 

The above will be tackled in a way the captures the imagination and commitment of church members.  Careful evaluation is encouraged to ensure that good progress is being made.

JSP was originally devised and adopted by the Parish of Tong and Holme Wood in Bradford. Following a period of support by the Archbishop’s Commission it is now a separate Charitable Trust. JSP is proving to be particularly helpful to churches that serve substantial areas of social housing, but other churches are also benefiting from it, both in this diocese and more widely.

Canon Gordon Day is overseeing the development of JSP, and can be contacted on 01274 674565 or emailed at

Information about JSP can also be found at

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