Serious Incident Reporting

The Church of England’s bespoke guidance on safeguarding Serious Incident Reporting (version 3: 1 March 2021), approved by the Charity Commission and the National Safeguarding Steering Group, is available at Policy and practice guidance | The Church of England.

March 2019 - Stage 1 - information sent by Debbie Child

  • Letter sent out to parishes March 2019 from the Diocesan Secretary Debbie Child
  • Stage one information was sent out to all parishes in March 2019. If you have yet to complete the delegation this is required to be done as soon as possible as further information is due to be sent out very shortly. Please note if you have not completed the delegation the second stage is still required to be completed.
  • Template A and B sent out out to parishes March 2019. 
  • Table template for individual serious incident reports sent out March 2019 -  Please note: This form is for parish use only as to keep a detailed record in your own files.

August 2019 Stage 2 - information sent by Debbie Child

All the documentation mentioned within the Parish Safeguarding Checklist should be provided for the Archdeacon at the parish visitation. However, we encourage the PSO and Incumbent to use this checklist in preparation for the report to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  

The measures identified in the checklist will be checked during parish visitations and the documents referred to can be found on the Diocesan website. If you have questions or need support to complete the steps on the checklist you can contact a DSA for further support and advice.

For guidance on reporting non safeguarding serious incidents please follow this link.


DSAs are reminded that:

  • All safeguarding Serious Incidents must be reported to the Charity Commission in accordance with the House of Bishops’ Guidance;
  • Individual Serious Incidents must be reported using the Charity Commission’s online form, which can be accessed from their website; and
  • All safeguarding Serious Incident reports sent to the Charity Commission must also be sent to the NST at
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