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The Anglican Church in Mara region is growing very fast. In 1985 there were 12 parishes. By 2010 there were 143 parishes and it divided into 3 dioceses - Mara, Rorya and Tarime. Tanzania is about four times the size of the UK with a population of about 45 million.  


A confirmation in Mara DioceseMara Diocese has around 75 parishes - many with more than one church - in 4 archdeaconries - Musoma, Bunda, Serengeti and Lake (Ziwa). The cathedral is in the regional capital Musoma and can seat 2000. Bunda Bible College, Issenye Secondary School and Buhemba Rural Agricultural Centre are all in Mara Diocese. 44 parishes in Mara are linked with parishes in Yorkshire.
Bishop: George Okoth.

Mara Link Officers: Oriel Kelly (Yorkshire) Arthur Mauya (Tanzania) 


Kagwa Parish, RoryaRorya Diocese is bordered by Lake Victoria to the west and Tarime to the east. It is a fertile region which usually enjoys quite good rain. It is populated by the Luo tribe renowned for their generous hospitality to visitors. It currently has over 40 parishes - some with more than one church. 13 parishes in Rorya are linked with parishes in Yorkshire.
Bishop: John Adiema. The cathedral is in Kowak and is still being built.
Rorya Diocese website.

Rorya Link Officers: Rev Bill Henderson (Yorkshire) Peter Oyoo (Tanzania)


Sunday service at Nyabitocho, tarime DioceseTarime borders with Kenya to the north and is mostly a very fertile region with good rain. It is one of the centres of banana production in Tanzania. It is populated by a number of tribes including the Kuria who retain many of their traditional customs.Tarime has 29 parishes and the cathedral in Tarime town is also a thriving parish church. 12 parishes in Tarime are linked with parishes in Yorkshire.
Bishop: Dr Mwita Akiri.
The Diocese has a farmer's training centre at Mogabiri which provides education and training in self-help projects for subsistence farmers.
Tarime Diocese website.

Tarime Link Officers: Edwina Offori (Yorkshire) Rev Charles Mwita (Tanzania)

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