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A pilgrimage paved with prayer to all churches in Huddersfield Deanery

First published on: 29th May 2024

An inspiring pilgrimage has taken place across our Huddersfield Deanery with prayerful walkers visiting all 17 churches and covering more than 30 miles.

With the theme of Thy Kingdom Come, and spread over four mornings, they also called in at a hospital chapel and Huddersfield University Faith Centre.

Numbers varied along the route, but some 15 people took part and were joined by Bishop Smitha Prasadam joined at Golcar, and Archdeacon Bill Braviner walked with them from Christ Church Woodhouse, via St Hilda’s Cowcliffe, to St Cuthbert’s Birkby.

Revd Simon Crook, vicar of Golcar and Longwood was one of the pilgrims and here is his personal reflection on the experience: “It felt very special to deliberately walk to a church, dedicating that journey to God. Then to arrive and pray in that church and for that church. Then to leave, with a similar intention. It was good to link all our deanery churches together in this way.

"For some churches, including some in vacancy, our task felt to be to encourage, to say well done, and thank you, that you are not forgotten, you are part of us.

"As the days progressed, the rhythm found its heartbeat. Gathering, praying, dedicating, leaving, walking, arriving and so on. 

"At one church, when choosing the bible verse from the selection, someone noted that ‘there is a rich vein of bible verses and passages about walking’. Isn’t it amazing how often we read about walking, and how seldom we do it as church!

"The dynamics of the group had its own life as people joined and left, and as the weather and terrain changed. This was good, and gave a different feel to each day and to each section, even as the days all linked and flowed together.

"Stories were shared as we journeyed. Specific prayers were offered for those who requested. We prayed with words for churches and in churches, we prayed for people, we prayed for healing, encouragement and growth. But mostly, our walk was our prayer; a prayer beyond words.”

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