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Church 'writes its own poem' to help raise cash

First published on: 22nd March 2023

A devoted member of St Mary’s, Gomersal has penned a special poem as if written by the church itself, in a bid to raise much-needed funds.

Churchwarden Trees Fewster turned to verse as the 19th Century church needs some £25,000 for repairs and upkeep and she has shared her words on local social media platforms in the hope that the Gomersal community will rally round.

Trees is pictured outside St Mary’s and here is her poem:




To the people of Gomersal and beyond.


Since 1851 I have stood guard

As parish church and church yard.

People have come from far and wide

To marry, or mourn those who have died.


I have seen joy and I have seen pain,

I have seen people come back again

To hear the Good News being proclaimed

And babies, christened, being named.


I am open for every big event

To sing God’s praise or to lament.

To hear the teachings of the Lord

Of hope and peace and just reward.


I serve the people of Gomersal, 

Rich or poor, grown-up or small.

I welcome every one of you

My doors are open, just come through.


My place for worship and for praise

Doubles as social meeting place.

Ladies come to do Keep Fit

Or natter while they sew and knit.


The school will often visit me

Hand in hand, so quietly.

I love it when they come and pray

And learn that Jesus is the Way.


They even come in as young as three

‘Tots Praise’ they call it – “Follow Me.

I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,

With Me, you conquer every strife.”


Those are the words that Jesus said.

And we remember in the bread

And wine, he blessed and broke,

And took upon him our yoke.


So many years have I stood here

I’m looking old and need some cheer. 

Plastering, pointing, painting, more,

To look spick-and-span, just as before.


This tired building calls out loud

To you, and you, and all the crowd

From Gomersal and from beyond

And ask you kindly to respond.


Details of the appeal for funds are on St Mary’s website where there is the possibility to donate. 

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