Some possible joint activities, please do let use know if you come up with any different ideas.

  • Organise a school competition where entries are displayed at the summer fair and prizes awarded on the day. All entrants get a certificate presented to those present on the day by a prominent member of the church community.
  • Put regular displays of children’s work in the church
  • Organise a ‘paired reading’ or library support where church members have a regular role with.
  • Offer an after school club run by a congregation member who has a particular talent e.g. digital photography, gardening
  • Organise joint charity appeals and then share a collective worship when a cheque is presented
  • Hold an annual ‘open day’ (or half day) particularly for congregation members. Include a tour of the school, tea, joint worship and a short ‘performance’. Make sure each visitor has a card created by a pupil to take home.
  • Hold a ‘patronal celebration tea’ in school.  Make a cross curricular project of this. English, maths, art, ICT, Food technology, history, geography, RE etc. can all be used in the development of this event.
  • If you have a link school, either in this country or abroad, create a situation whereby the parish community becomes aware of it and include the link in prayers.
  • Have a stall / stalls at each other’s fairs or galas. Maybe try to make it fun or informational rather than fundraising.
  • Encourage a good flow and exchange of information and news through school and parish magazines. Each should have a page for the other.
  • Engage with the Archbishop of York Award (KS 2/3/4) and consider how parish and school might come together to support pupils achieve this
  • Celebrate awards earned in both church and school
  • Music : In many churches the acoustics are wonderful. Hear the difference and experience the difference between singing in school and singing in the church. If the local church is fortunate enough to still have an organ, arrange a special visit to hear the different sounds and experience the range of emotions it can create. Why might this be important in a church building or in worship? How does music affect the mood and emotion of the individual?
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