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Prayers for fighting in Sudan

First published on: 18th April 2023

Christians across our diocese are being urged to pray and fast for Sudan as the conflict continues.

The fighting that has erupted in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and elsewhere in the country is a direct result of a vicious power struggle within the country's military leadership.

The Arhcbishop of Cantebury, Justin Welby, yesterday tweeted, "We hold the nation of Sudan in our prayers at this time. Lord God, protect the civilians, bring peace to this appalling crisis in the nation’s life, and allow political stability to return."

Leeds Diocese is linked with the Episcopal Church in Sudan. Our link opens a window on another part of the world helping to widen our horizons. The spirit of the link is partnership. We aim to support and encourage our brothers and sisters who feel marginalised and oppressed in their own country, yet maintain their faith in Christ with great courage.

The Archbishop of Sudan, Ezekiel Kondo, in an email to the diocese recounted how, "an exchange of fires intensified and armed Forces entered the Cathedral premises and began to break cars with guns."

"Continue to pray for us and our safety."

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